Appalachian and American Family Stories – First Year Seminar

In the spring of 2012, I began my second semester teaching a First Year Seminar at Appalachian State University. These semester-long, 3 credit hour courses sought to introduce students to basic research and writing skills, campus resources, and building reflective skills. Instructors were given some freedom to propose courses that coincided with their academic and personal interests. Having just earned a Master’s in Appalachian Studies, I sought to design a course that connected larger regional histories with personal and family histories. I hoped students would start seeing themselves as part of an interconnected web of history as it unfolded at multiple levels: personal, local, regional,  and national.

You can view a copy of the Prezi syllabus I created for this course here. It’s clear I had a crude grasp on how to create a Prezi at this point with the way the transitions and slide borders are set up. Though I did attempt to include some mutlimedia component with the use of some pictures, I still feels like I’ve bombarded students with too much text and do not include enough visuals. The learning goals, in particular, are quite wordy. In hindsight, having taken an Intro to Instructional Development course, I would pare those down significantly. Nevertheless, some quality student projects did emerge from this course, including this project, by Anthony Benson, about the Benjamin Greer family.