Introduction & PSA Videos

I created both of these videos in my EDIT 6500E Introduction to Video Production course in the summer of 2017. The first video is an introduction to who I am. Currently, I use this video to introduce myself to the intended-Grady College students I advise in the Exploratory Center here at UGA.

I used my Canon Rebel T3 to shoot this video, primarily, in UGA’s North campus. I created the video in iMovie and, after deciding the internal microphone on my laptop sounded too roomy, recorded the voice-over with a Snowball microphone loaned from the College of Education’s Office of Information Technology. You will see that the structure of the latter half of my video helps to communicate my interests and how they correspond to my Holland Code. Because we advisors of first and second-year students use the O*Net Interest Profiler often, this is a nice way to reveal a little about myself in the context of an instrument students will also hopefully use and understand during their first year.

The second video I’m including here is a public service announcement on the benefits of folio thinking, the reflective act of creating an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio). I created this video with the intention of using it to help our advising portfolio pilot understand the process and usefulness of creating portfolios. One of the rhetorical techniques I use this video is repetition. You will hear me repeat often that “successful creative professionals practice folio thinking.” For my students, who are all aspiring mass communications professionals intending to enter into creative fields where portfolios do matter, this is a message our advising team cannot underscore enough.