Initial Thoughts on Instructional Design Project

I’m laying out my next project which will continue my work with e-portfolios as well as function as my main project for my fall Online Teaching and Learning class (EDIT 7520). Expect revisions and further elaboration as the feedback rolls in from my collaborator group.

Instructional Problem/Need: Many pre-professional and other university students have never created an e-portfolio, despite this being an increasingly important professional practice. Internship programs and other advising or mentoring programs have an opportunity to guide students in developing multimedia communication, reflection, and life-long learning skills. This course will introduce young professionals to the valuable practice of folio thinking and the various activities involved in creating an e-portfolio.


The goal of this course is to engage pre-professional undergraduate students in the increasingly essential practice of folio-thinking and e-portfolio creation

Learning Objectives:

Students in this course will be able to:

  • Explain the personal and professional importance of e-portfolios and folio-thinking
  • Analyze different types of e-porfolios
  • Apply multi-media storytelling to reflect on personal experiences
  • Evaluate potential content for a professional e-portfolio
  • Create an e-portfolio documenting your personal, academic and professional growth

Significance to Stakeholders:

  • Students themselves are the primary stakeholders. Participating in the creating learning or professional e-portfolios helps them refine diverse skills that will likely be valuable on the job market and for continued development and satisfaction in their careers.
  • Universities and internship programs that promote e-portfolio creation will benefit from having more reflective, technologically engaged pre-professional graduates. They will be more prepared to enter the job market, especially in creative professions where multimedia performance or presentation are preferred over resumes.
  • Potential employers have authentic evidence of an applicant’s past performance and level of knowledge and skill

Personal significance to learners:

  • Students should be intrinsically motivated to learn folio-thinking because the practice will directly benefit their professional development
  • Many students should also be motivated in order to lessen the anxiety many students feel about not having a job by the time they graduate.
  • Learners may be further motivated by not wanting to be seen as different or behind or lacking in a particular skill or tool as compared to their peers

Possible deliver technology(ies):

  • eLC (UGA’s LMS)
  • Mobile-friendly website

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